For design of logo I use hat of our character (as a sign of him) At first it may look as a mystery but if you'll serch on this page for a while I'm sure that you will like the idea.



Chosed pastel colors.



I create an original script typeface for the success of the brand. Actually this design apprach is fix with the concept of the product. As a fundamental item of design typograpght reflects the real quality of product. So it's the best way not to use a common ready fonts. This free style hand writting font gives a professional view to design. Also it looks warm and natural like our brand. For the long texts I chosed Century Gothic font. It's a clear and legible typeface. Although its compatible with the handwritten font.


Designed a lovely Character


Scarecrows use in farms as a guard of agricultural products. With the same approach  our scarecrow is keeping fruits and vegetables. He watches them every day and every night. He is the friend of them just like our brand is. And he knows which fruit and vegetable is the best for eat or drink. Just like we do!!